Konekt Cloud User’s Guide


What is the Konekt Cloud? The Konekt Cloud is a suite of tools for building a connected Internet of Things solution. Whether it’s cloud data logging, data processing, device control and inbound data, device grouping and cloud networking, or device security, we have your project’s needs covered.

Konekt Cloud Services

Cloud Data Logger

Sensor, event, and error logging has never been easier. The Konekt Cloud Data Logger service simplifies data logging by providing a cloud database to store device data. The Cloud Data Logger resides on our network, minimizing the number of hops between data source and destination and simplifying integration.

Data sent from a device to the Konekt Cloud is visible on the Data Logs page in our Dashboard. Simply search for the data and select an entry in the data log to view the device data in detail.

Developers note: Data is also retrievable via our REST API.

Cloud Networks

cloud-networksKonekt Cloud Networks allow our users to group devices into one or more virtual networks (domains), similar to a VLAN or a WAN. Inbound access can then be selectively granted to specific devices and users, complete with authentication, encryption, and auditing.

Konekt Cloud Networks are powered by our proprietary Konekt Virtual Private APN technology, which provides high-security isolation and firewalling by default to protect your valuable assets.

Cloud Networks Documentation

To learn more, please visit the Cloud Networks Documentation.

Custom Webhooks

features-webhooksBuilding a cloud-connected device has never been easier.  With native webhook support throughout our platform, devices can push data to topics (channels), trigger routing rules, and, in turn, cause webhooks to POST data to your server or to your own web application. Actionable event-driven integrations have never been easier.

Cloud Webhooks Documentation

For more information, please visit the Cloud Webhooks Documentation.

Third-party Integrations Marketplace

Device data can be routed to third-party apps via the Dashboard Topics page
Device data can be routed to third-party apps via the Dashboard Data Logs page

We offer one-click integrations with various third-party cloud services vendors to make data processing easy.

Devices can push data to topics (channels), trigger routing rules, and, in turn, cause data to be routed to various cloud services offered in our marketplace. Users can find the right tool for the job to act upon device data and events.

Cloud Integrations Documentation

For more information, see our Cloud Integrations Documentation.