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Pricing Overview

Konekt’s pricing is based on the amount of data your devices use. Adjust your data usage as you refine your project, utilize our cloud services, and choose your support level.

Plans start at just $0.40 per month.

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Cellular Data

Data plans are available in over 96 countries so you can connect your device to the internet wherever there is a cellular signal.

Data plans are month to month and can be changed at anytime. Pricing is based on the number of devices deployed, amount of data used per device, and geography. We can support deployments from 1 to 1 million devices with custom plans available for significant deployments. Our service rides on GSM bands (2g and 3G) supporting HSPA, GPRS, and SMS.

Konekt Cloud

Konekt cloud is a fully managed, reliable and powerful cloud data broker and database solution.

Currently free for all devices (cellular and non-cellular), Konekt Cloud provides a powerful suite of tools that safely route and store your allowing you to spend less time building and maintaining complex infrastructure.

Features Include

PubSub Queue
Virutal Private APN
Persistent Data Storage
API Builder
Robust Webhooks


Support is available to all Konekt users through our Help application. Help allows you to file support tickets as well as search our documentation and community forum.

Support tickets are prioritized based on both severity (i.e. service interruptions vs bug reports) as well as overall account spend. If you require faster response times, 24/7 support, or 1-on-1 technical consulting, Premium Support and Technical Account Management are available. To purchase Premium Support please contact our sales team.

Features Include


Add-ons make your project more powerful by extending Konekt’s functionality, adding new features, or connecting third party services.

You can also use our API builder to create your own custom add-ons >>